What Is The Gospel?

We are glad you asked and grateful you are here.


Quite simply, the Gospel is “Good News”. Good news is great, but it is typically in response to bad news. That is exactly the case with our lives. So let’s begin with the “Bad news”. Start with heaven. Heaven is perfect. Nothing imperfect is allowed to enter heaven. There is where the bad news comes in. See if you have sinned, even once, you are imperfect. The fact is, we are ALL imperfect. As such, we have no hope of entering heaven. Good works cannot atone for our sin. We are all CONDEMNED.


Depressed? Don’t be. That’s the good news.


Jesus has solved our dilemma. He has saved us. He came to earth as man, but is the only one worthy of heaven. He is the only one who is sinless. What is his mission? To teach us, but more importantly, to die for us. On the cross, Jesus took the penalty of sin, ALL of our sins, on our behalf. That act of grace now makes each of us Holy, perfect in the eyes of God. The only thing required to gain this perfection is to believe and follow Him. That is beyond amazing! That is what we mean when we say we are compelled. The perfection we have achieved, that was, is, and will always be underserved by us, is what drives us to bless others. We are blessed to be a blessing to others. That my friend is GOOD NEWS!


We are not “professionals” by any means. We would love for you to learn more. Below are links that explain the Good News in much better ways.







Give. Get. Repeat.

The Shampoo Cycle (Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Get it?)


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