These are the stories of the lives that have been touched, the smiles that have been made, and the impressions that have been left behind.

Little Rock, AR



I was at a gas station today.  A family was stuck as the pump and asked for some help getting home.  Gave them all the cash in my wallet and a M6M card.  I asked them to pass it to another when they could.  Felt really good!!


Edmond, OK


Thank you so much for taking the time to send Pastor XXXX a letter in regards to the Matthew6Movement! We also appreciate the Gift Card and look forward to passing it along to someone else anonymously.

I praise God for you and for your ministry. I pray God’s abundant blessings over you and the Matthew6Movement!





Conway, AR

Dear Matthew 6 Movement,


On behalf of xxxxxx Church and Pastor’s xxx and xxxx xxxx, we want to say thank you for sending us the information about the Matthew 6 Movement. We love how you’re spreading Christ’s love and serving our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are continuing the movement by blessing something within our church with the gift card you sent. Again, thank you for thinking of us!



xxxxx Church




Join the Movement!

We just sent out gifts all over the country.  So ready to see this spread.  Will you help spread the movement?  Will it end with you?



Little Rock, AR

A friend told me about this site.  This is awesome.  I hope it spreads through the whole world.  I am going to do my part.  Just gave a gift with a printed card.  Great cause Incredible story  I hope to read their story and many more to come.  I will be back often to see the spread and continue to give.  Such an awesome feeling to be part of this.  It will not end with me!





Tuscaloosa, AL

I just left a 500% tip for my waitress.  I left her a card and wrote “share your story”.  I didn’t stick around to see her reaction, but I sure hope she shares!  It sure made me feel good even if I don’t see her reaction.





Memphis, TN

I was at a truck stop today in Memphis.  I was going out of the station and saw a guy at the gas pump.  I was just moved to do something for him.  I pulled a twenty out, and walked over to him, handed him the $20 and a M6M card.  I said “pass it along”.  He just looked at me with a blank stare of disbelief and then said “Thank you.”  He looked like he needed some out reach.  I am not sure if he will share his story, but that’s okay.  It made my day to do it.  I felt uplifted the whole day.  Thanks for creating this.  Let it spread!





Man I love this!  I noticed several places on the map it has not spread.  I am going to send out random gifts to those states.  Come on people.  Let’s get this going!  It won’t end with me either!





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Will it end with you?

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