Have You Been Helped? Have You Helped Another?

We want to hear about it.

Did it happen when you least expected it? Did it happen when you needed it most? Was it a latte purchased by the person ahead of you in line? Or was it this month’s rent that was already paid? Did you give? How was it received? How did it make you feel?  Whatever it was, we want you to share it with us


Stories are powerful ways of inspiring more people to do more good. Write your story in the form below. We look forward to reading it.




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Give, Get, Repeat

The Shampoo Cycle (Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Get it?)


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Have You Been Helped? Have You Helped Another? Share Your Story.

We want to hear your story. The lives you have touched, the smiles you have made, the impressions you have left behind. Share your story in your own words.

Ends of Earth, See Where it Spreads.

See how far it spreads. Will it stop with you?